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Radulescu LLP to Host Webinar on Patent Issues in Germicidal UV LED Lighting


By Randy Reid, November 4, 2020,


Germicidal UV Lighting Patents: Are You Protected?


Germicidal UV lighting has become an area of great interest due to the coronavirus pandemic and will likely remain a sought-after technology for years to come. While there is a lot of information about product offerings, there is a lack of accessible information on the germicidal UV lighting patent landscape.

As readers of EdisonReport know, this past October, Radulescu LLP hosted a webinar on the continued importance of patents to the LED lighting industry. Given the recent heightened importance of disinfection technologies, Radulescu LLP will host a webinar on December 8, 2020, to discuss the germicidal UV lighting space with a particular focus on the patent landscape. Companies offering germicidal UV lighting are beginning to highlight their “patent protected” technologies, but it is often not clear what these patents are and what they are protecting. This webinar is intended to shine a light on this otherwise opaque aspect of the industry.


The webinar will cover the patent landscape and product offerings of companies such as GE Current, Acuity, Signify, Leviton, Honeywell, Applied UV, Axis Lighting, SteriLumen, Violet Defense, Puro Lighting, Dimer and Juganu.

The webinar will include the following topics:

1. Introduction to UV, UV-A vs. UV-C, and the Science (Does it Really Work?)
2. Commercial Germicidal UV Lighting Products
3. Germicidal UV Lighting Patent Landscape: Who, What, and How Many?
4. Relevant Patent Litigations and Prior Art

Excerpts of the slides can be viewed here.

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